Free sudoku online

This website offers free online sudoku puzzles and printable sudoku ebooks.

Our sudoku puzzles are free, visually attractive, with a very simple user interface. You can easily rewind your moves, or ask for hints at any moment. At the end of the game, a graph will show your time score compared to other players.

You can print the sudoku puzzles when you want, check the solution, or share your puzzle with a friend with facebook, twitter, etc.

To play sudoku, use the top menu to select size and skill.

Compare your score

When a sudoku puzzle is solved, you will see a graph with your time compared to the other players for sudoku puzzles of the same size. Are you faster or slower? Play!

This graph is given for sudokus solved without using advanced hints or showing the solution...

Do you have a personal website or blog?

Do you want to give your visitors some sudoku fun? You can easily put sudoku puzzles on your pages or on your blog. Try it, it is simple and free!

Personalized sudoku ebooks

You can generate personalized sudoku ebooks. Create yours now!

Le sudokuSi vous parlez français, vous pouvez jouer au sudoku gratuitement en ligne